My name is Guillaume Sauthier, I’m OpenIG Lead Developer at ForgeRock.

I’ve been in the middleware Open Source business since 2003, when I entered Bull to work on OW2 JOnAS.

That was the beginning of the Opensource adventure for me: JOnAS was using Apache Axis so naturally I contributed back to the project, participating on the mailing lists, fixing bugs, … Project leaders even invited me to become an Apache committer :)

During the 2005 year, the JOnAS team decided to move the entire codebase to OSGi, that would help maintenance, provide better re-usability, enhance code quality.

I had quite a fun with all the needed refactoring, componentization problems and classloading issues!

In order to achieve that goal, I invested a lot of time and energy in the Apache Felix project (an opensource OSGi framework implementation), and especially in the iPOJO subproject that aims to facilitate building modular and dynamic applications with the help of managed components. I was again rewarded with a new project committer-ship.

I have also been part of a technology startup called Peergreen focusing on Java PaaS, still using OSGi and iPOJO to build an application platform.

Since 2014, I’m part of ForgeRock where we work on identity management and security.

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